Best Propane Garage Heaters for Winter Warmth

When you’re looking to heat your garage, you don’t want to settle for an inferior product. Instead, you want a reliable heater that will quickly warm your space without breaking the bank on energy costs. Unfortunately, with so many options on the market, it can be hard to decide which propane garage heaters are the best ones to buy. 

To help you make the right choice, here are five of the best propane garage heaters of 2022, complete with reviews and links to product pages where available so you can get more information and check current prices at any time!

What Are Propane Heaters?

A propane heater is a device with a thermostat that warms and uses propane as fuel. It is used in larger areas like balconies, patios, and garages. Propane heaters are useful in many applications, including garages and outdoor patios. 

They can provide effective heating without the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning using other fuel sources such as natural gas or kerosene. Below are the five best propane garage heaters of 2022, ranked by price and customer reviews to make it easier to find the right one for your needs and budget.

5 Best Propane Garage Heaters in 2023

1. Dura Heat TT-360 Propane(LP) – Best Heavy Duty

The Dura Heat TT-360 Propane(LP) 360 Degree Tank Top Heater is one of our favorites due to its unique design. While it’s a tank-top style heater, as opposed to wall-mounted, it uses large 5-gallon propane tanks installed on its side. 

The best thing about these large tanks is that they provide twice as much heat as a comparable product like those that use 1.5 or 2-gallon bottles, meaning you get more bang for your buck! In addition, installation is a breeze, and performance won’t disappoint once up and running. And at $100, it might be one of our most affordable options in the market.

Don’t forget to factor in the cost of the replacement tank costs over time. A 20lb tank will last for hours on full blast (when using ~3600 BTUs per hour), making it both efficient and economical in terms of cost over time. In addition, unlike many other gas-powered garage heating products, there isn’t any dripping or pumping involved, so you don’t have to worry about annoying maintenance issues. 

It has two temperature settings, high and low, so you can find just what works best for your space. It also features a nifty option called Turbo Mode, where when you flip that switch up to High for around 60 seconds, you activate Turbo Mode, which triples heat output, perfect for really cold days when all you want is some warmth fast! The low setting puts out 2750 BTU/hour at 1740 watts, whereas the high output is 9500 BTU/hour at 3200 watts.

The Dura Heat TT-360 is great for a work shed or any other small space you want to heat. Its tank-top design allows it to be placed in any corner of your garage. You will enjoy how easy it is to install and how safe it is due to its thermostat-controlled shutoff.


  • It comes with a quick connect and personalized L Tank connection
  • High-efficiency stainless steel heat reflector 
  • Mercury-free tip-over shut off 
  • It comes with light ignition. 
  • Rust resistant 
  • 20lb propane tank 
  • Built-in tip-over shut off device 


  • Operates only on flat surfaces 
  • It doesn’t operate properly in windy conditions. 

Final verdict 

Perhaps most importantly, it comes with three heat settings so you can tailor your heating to fit what you need at any given time. With an average price point under $100, this Dura Heat heater is one of our best propane garage heaters out there—and all around highly reviewed.

2. Heater Corporation F270470 Convection Heater – Best Durable Heater 

This portable heater is built to heat a medium-sized room, whether it’s your garage or your man cave. With an output of 25,000 BTUs and a thermostat that ranges from 60 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit, it won’t fry you on cold days but will keep you cozy during chilly nights. 

It even has wheels for quick mobility and an automatic shutoff if tipped over. And when not in use, it folds up to be compact and easy to store. In short, it’s our pick for the best propane garage heater.  

With this tool, you can easily convert your bam, tool shed, or garage into a well-rounded workspace. The device delivers chilling-chasing warmth when working on farm equipment, ATVs, trucks, and more. It is designed to run up for 17 hours and comes with a standing pilot to increase the device’s safety.

The Mr Heater Convection heater is a propane garage heater with cast-iron construction and an attached regulator, ensuring years of low-maintenance operation. With its output at 25,000 BTU per hour, it can heat 600 square feet. 

It’s very efficient with fuel, too, as you only need one pint of propane for 10 hours of heating time. The heater also has a wide base, so you can put it safely on any surface without worrying about tipping over. This unit does not produce ozone and creates no fumes or odors either. 


  • It can heat up to 625 sq ft. 
  • Standing pilot for increased safety 
  • Operates up to 17 hours on a 20 lb. Propane tank


  • Conventional heaters have higher energy loss because they push hot air up the ceiling. 

Final Verdicts 

Regarding safety, Mr. Heater Corporation F270470 meets UL approval standards for indoor and outdoor use. When using it in your garage, remember to follow all safety precautions to avoid burns or other injuries when working under your car or other heavy equipment.

3. Direct Vent Propane Wall thermostatic Heater – Best Propane Convention Heater 

This unique device is designed to make any garage, shop, or other commercial space workable in all temperatures, even extreme ones. With a range of 9000 Btu to 11000 Btu and two heat settings, you can get what you need out of your garage heater. 

It’s pre-assembled when it arrives at your door and can be plugged right into a wall socket or hardwired into your electrical system. And thanks to its thermostatic controls, you don’t have to worry about accidentally overworking yourself during cold months. 

The large surface area also allows optimal air circulation around your entire room—even under car seats if needed! And while some propane wall heaters require professional installation, this device comes with everything you need to install it right away. 


  • The single benefit of this heater is that it has a thermostat. This means you can control your heating and avoid wasting propane by only turning on the heat when necessary. However, it’s worth noting that some say it takes a while to warm up an area with direct vent heaters. 
  • Super durable 
  • Affordable 


  • In addition, they also take quite a bit of time to cool down. 
  • Lastly, even though many users find them easy to assemble, others still complain about their awkward size and design (or lack thereof). 

Final Verdict 

We can’t recommend Direct Vent Propane Wall thermostatic Heater 11,000 Btu for anyone looking for convenience in a heater or something attractive on which to set their eyes each day to reduce stress.

However, It’s great for those looking for an affordable solution that doesn’t compromise quality: designed with heavy-duty aluminium construction, reassured this outdoor heater will last through just about anything. 

4. Heater Corporation Vent Free Flame Propane Heater – Best Propane Space Heater 

It doesn’t have any fancy features, but for just $229, you can get a vent-free heater that burns clean and costs as little as $0.03 per hour to run. It’s ideal for quickly heating small spaces like garages or workshops. A great addition if you need extra heat in your garage when it’s below freezing outside. 

Mr Heater isn’t as powerful as some of its competitors, so check how long it takes to bring your space up to temperature before making a purchase decision. However, if you want something cheap that gets results—and leaves a little more cash in your pocket—this is a solid pick! 

This is another good choice if you need to both warm up your garage and dehumidify it (thanks to a bit of included humidity control technology). Finally, the propane heater from Mr Heater Corporation is a good choice for homeowners who want a portable heating solution for small to medium-sized garages. 

Sure, it won’t be burning quite as much fuel on standby compared to other options, but it makes a lot of sense if you already own an outdoor propane tank (or want to buy one). You also don’t need power hookups to use it indoors!


  • It comes with a blower fan kit 
  • It has a quiet integrated blower for gentle circulation of warm air. 
  • Blue flame burner to supply more convection heat. 
  • Thermostat for automatic temperature control 
  • 20,000 BTU per hour 


  • The absence of a fan means it takes a little longer to circulate warm air within the room.

Final Verdict

This unit’s primary benefit over many other models on our list is that it requires no additional installation: You simply place it in your garage and turn it on to begin providing warmth. In addition, the model’s 20,000 BTU output helps it quickly heat up 400- to 600-square-foot garages, and its 950 cubic feet per minute of ventilation help make sure that your garage isn’t stiflingly hot after an hour or two. 

5. Remington REM-60V-GFA-O Variable BTU – Best OverAll

This new and improved propane heater boasts an adjustable heat setting that can be dialled up or down to fit your needs. It has an impressive 60,000 BTU output and 20 by 15 by 42. For less than $200, you get a fairly powerful space heater at an affordable price that won’t break the bank. Best of all? 

It’s CARB-compliant! That means it meets California standards for emissions and efficiency, so it won’t put more pollutants into the environment. This a great thing to know if you live in one of those progressive eco-friendly states! 

The best part? If you’re looking for the best garage heater in 2022 with high value, then Remington is our top pick. According to recent customer reviews, it gives far better performance and looks elegant. 

You will not regret having bought one! Especially given its versatility, you don’t need a fireplace anymore now that there is such a handsome product as this on the market. All users seem very satisfied with their purchase and would buy it again without question. Some customers even go as far as saying that they think it is one of the best buys they ever made!


  • Super durable and reliable 
  • One-year warranty. 
  • Adjustable heat angle 
  • It has a warm airflow capacity of 300 CFM. 
  • A perfect fit for workshop farms and garages 
  • variable BTU for heating up to 1500 square feet


  • The only disadvantage is that it isn’t as quiet as some of the other models we reviewed in our best propane garage heater reviews 2018 list. However, when turned on high settings, few products could be less noisy than Remington REM-60V-GFA-O Variable BTU for Heating up to 1500 Square feet.

Final Verdict 

This model can heat up to 1500 square feet; thus, you can use it for a single room or a small apartment. One of its main advantages is that it heats rooms faster than any other type of heater. 

It features ODS – Optimal Draft System, which improves heat output and makes it more energy efficient. It’s easy to operate because you can control output with just one push of a button. In addition, the company provides a warranty for parts, so if anything breaks down in these ten years, you don’t have to worry about replacing it. 

Factors To Consider When Buying A Propane Garage Heater

The most common type of garage heater is a propane heater. But, there are other factors to consider when buying a propane-fueled one for your home. These include safety, durability, aesthetics, and convenience of use. 

  • Safety: Make sure that you always set up your propane garage heater in an open area that’s far away from anything that can burn easily or be destroyed by heat like plants and small animals. Always disconnect your propane hose before turning on your heater so that you don’t accidentally ignite it while warming up or refilling. 
  • Durability: Try to buy a durable product to last as long as possible. Look at how well it’s built and ask if anyone has owned one before with any problems. 
  • Aesthetics: Just because it is placed outside doesn’t mean it should look ugly. Consider what color would match your house best and make sure that it fits in with its surroundings without sticking out too much. 
  • Convenience Of Use: What features does it have to make using your propane heater easier? Most portable models can easily be moved around using wheels or handles, making them easy to put where you need them most. Many are also equipped with remote controls, which means you don’t have to go out into cold weather just to adjust settings on some models. Some units even automatically shut off when tipped over to prevent injury. Before purchasing, ask questions about these things to know what you’re getting. 

You never want to spend money on something that’s going to break or fail after only a few uses, so do everything in your power to protect yourself against scam artists who might try selling faulty products online.

Safety Tips When Using Propane Heaters

Using any flammable heating device in an enclosed area can be dangerous; as with other gasoline or flammable gases, gas/propane can quickly ignite and cause explosions or fires if not handled correctly. 

The rule of thumb is to ensure everyone’s safety—including your pets’—by keeping them away from propane heaters while they’re in use. Even once they’re turned off, some heaters continue to release gas until they cool down completely, so always clear out a safe space (such as on top of a workbench) before turning it on. In summary, consider the following:

  1. Buy propane heaters specifically intended for indoor use
  2. Read all of your manufacturer’s instructions before you begin 
  3. Purchase a thermostat that can be set to lower temperatures 
  4. Never store propane tanks indoors; they should always be kept outdoors 

What Size BTU Propane Heater Do You Need?

In addition to knowing how to use a propane heater safely, you need to think about some additional things when making your purchase. For example, do I have enough space? What type of fuel source do I have available? Where will I place my heater?

Do you have a two-car garage or a two-bedroom apartment? The size of your garage or room determines how much heat you need and thus how large of a propane heater you’ll need. Look for BTU (British Thermal Units) on each heater’s packaging. 

To determine which heater is best for your home, divide the number of square feet in your garage by 150. For example, if your garage is 400 square feet, use 400/150 = 2.4. So you’d want to buy a heater with around 2.4 BTUs per square foot—in other words, one that can generate at least 2.4 × 400 = 904 BTUs of heat—so it doesn’t take forever to get things warm. 

We recommend going up as high as 5.0 BTUs per square foot; beyond that, you might find it starts to cost more than it’s worth! 

Editor’s Pick

If you’re looking for a more affordable option, consider Dura Heat TT-360 Propane(LP). It comes with a variable heat output of (30K/35K/40K) BTUs and a thermostat range of only 50 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit, so it won’t heat as large space or keep you as warm as our top pick. 

But with a price tag that’s about $100 less price, we think it might be worth it—especially if you don’t have much floor space in your garage and need something that can easily be tucked away when not in use. 

The Heater Corporation F270470 Convection Heater comes with wheels for easy mobility and an automatic shutoff if tipped over. And at just 3 pounds, it’s incredibly lightweight and portable; all you need is a 20lb propane to get started. In third place, we recommend Remington REM-60V-GFA-O Variable BTU

This unit is more powerful than the first two recommendations but still outputs 11,000 BTUs—enough to make it a viable contender among propane garage heaters.


What Type of Propane Heater Is Best?

When you’re shopping for a propane heater, it’s helpful to know which type is best for your needs. For example, portable garage heaters are generally best if you need quick, temporary heat, while forced-air and catalytic propane furnaces (which run off larger tanks) are better if you need to keep your space warm.

What to Look For In A Propane Garage Heater?

When looking for a new propane garage heater, many different things to consider. Of course, you’ll want to look at safety and efficiency, but you’ll also want to consider style—depending on where your unit will be located in your home or garage. 

Is a propane heater safe to use in the garage?

Propane heaters are a safe choice for garages. If your garage isn’t attached to your home, there’s no danger of propane fumes seeping through walls and into living spaces. While you can use an electric heater in a garage, propane heaters are more effective at dispersing warm air throughout a larger space. 

Just remember to keep them far away from flammable items like oil cans or car parts! Also, of course, check with your city building department before using any kind of heater indoors; many cities ban heating systems that aren’t vented directly outside. 

Additionally, be aware that unvented gas-fueled space heaters produce carbon monoxide—which is colorless, odorless, and poisonous—so make sure they vent properly. Use floor-level vents whenever possible.


Whether you’re looking for something to warm up your patio, garage, workshop, or anything else, these propane garage heaters are some of the best on today’s market. They’re not just a little bit better than their competition—they’re head and shoulders above them! So if you need a heater to provide warmth throughout your home, business, or any other space, give one of these five options a try. You won’t be disappointed! 

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