5 Best Solar Pool Heaters on the Market in 2023

Solar pool heaters are a great way to extend your swimming season and keep your pool at a comfortable temperature all year round. But with so many solar pool heaters on the market, it can take time to know which one is right for you. Based on customer reviews and ratings, we’ve put together this list of the best solar pool heaters. Heated swimming pools are a great way to enjoy the outdoors in warmer months. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly alternative that will also save money on energy bills, consider installing solar panels as your heat source!

With so many solar pool heaters on the market, it can take time to know which one is right for you. Based on customer reviews and ratings, we’ve put together this list of things to consider when choosing a solar pool heater.

5 Best Solar Pool Heater Reviews

1. Intex Solar Heater Mat for pools up to 8,000 gallons

With an 8,000 gallon pool capacity and a one-year warranty the Intex Solar Heater Mat is perfect for those looking to save money on their heating bills. It can be placed either under or over your swimming area so it’s not only affordable but also durable! The best part about this product? When you need help installing them we’ve got just what will work wonders in sunny weather as well – making sure that each season extends past its usual length by up 2 months at least (and sometimes even more)!
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Key Features:

  • Solar pool heater mat measures 47 inches by 47 inches
  • The solar panel is made of durable PVC material
  • It can be used with above-ground pools and in-ground pools
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty

The Intex Solar Heater Mat is an excellent choice for an affordable and easy-to-use solar pool heater.

2. GAME 4721-BB SolarPRO

GAME 4721-BB SolarPRO

The GAME SolarPro Curve Heat Pool Heater is a perfect addition to your above-ground swimming pool. It features simple, yet efficient technology that will keep it warm with the right balance between efficiency and simplicity! It features 24KW of power and three heating systems that can be easily adjusted using GAME’s intuitive smartphone app, so you’ll never have another cold day at your beach house again! The 21-inch curved solar collector panel maximizes exposure and includes a built-in flow control valve to quickly regulate water level while heating your home! It also has an adjustable mounting bracket that makes positioning this heater ideally situated near any shade or sun area a straightforward task – no more guessing at what angle will work best when installing yours.

The game’s solar-powered curve heated quickly enough to provide great comfort all day.

Key Features:

  • SolarPRO Curve solar pool heater is designed to heat inground and abovegroundaboveground pools to 18,000 gallons
  • The pool heater comes with an easy-to-use control panel that lets you adjust the heating settings
  • SolarPRO Curve solar pool heater features a curved design that maximizes sunlight absorption
  • A 1-year warranty backs SolarPRO Curve solar pool heater

3. SunHeater S120U Universal Solar Pool Heater

SunHeater S120U

Suppose you’re looking for an affordable, easy-to-install solar pool heater that won’t break your budget and can be used on any water surface – from above-ground pools in sunny climates down to inground swimming ponds – then consider the SunHeater S120U. It comes with everything needed, including installation adapters, so there’s no hassle installing this product! With its durable design explicitly made by experts who understand what homeowners need without sacrificing performance or quality, don’t hesitate anymore because all eyes will soon wonder why anyone would choose anything else but this top pick.

Key Features:

  • Solar pool heater for in-ground and abovegroundaboveground pools
  • Can heat a pool to 20,000 gallons
  • 4′ x 20′ solar collector
  • The solar panel is made of durable polyethylene for extended-lasting use
  • Easy to install and operate
  • It comes with a one-year warranty

4. Smart Pool S601 Inground Pool Solar Heating System

Smart Pool S601

The Smart Pool S601 Inground Pool Solar Heating System is designed to work with your swimming pool so that you can enjoy an efficient and reliable installation. It features a durable plastic reel that has been Academy Award tested for safety; it even comes backed by 20 years of warranty!

If you’re looking for a solar pool heater that’s both effective and affordable, the Smart Pool Solar Cover Reel is a great option. It comes with a solar cover reel and blanket, which work together to collect solar energy and transfer it to your pool water. The solar cover reel is easy to install and can be used on inground or abovegroundaboveground pools. It also comes with a one-year warranty, so you can be sure it’s a quality product.

Key Features:

  • The SolarPool S601 Inground Pool Solar Heating System is one of the market’s most popular solar pool heaters.
  • It’s made of durable polypropylene and comes with a 20-year warranty.
  • It’s easy to install and can be used on inground or above-ground pools.
  • The SolarPool S601 Inground Pool Solar Heating System is an excellent choice for an affordable and reliable solar pool heater.

5. SunHeater WS220P S220P Aboveground Pool Heating System


The SunHeater WS220P S 220 0above ground pool heating system solar panel has been one of the most popular choices for those looking to heat their pools. With a durable polypropylene material and aluminum frame, this product will last through years without wear or tear! You can also be confident in its quality with a 20-year warranty on all parts except glass which is covered by lifetime guarantees. The perfect choice if you’re seeking efficient use while saving money at once.

Key Features:

  • Solar pool heater for above-ground pools
  • Product dimensions: 2 feet x 20 feet
  • Solar panel material: polyethylene
  • Weight: 10 pounds
  • Solar panel warranty: 5 years
  • Pump dimensions: 3.25

Things to Consider When Buying a Solar Pool Heater

Heater Type

Active solar pool heaters may be the more expensive choice, but they’re also much faster and efficient at heating your water. Passive Solar Heaters can take longer than an active type of heater – however their cheaper price makes them worth considering for those on a budget!


The more sunlight your area gets, the better solar pool heaters will work for you. If it’s not too much trouble trying to find some shade when outside doing things like watering plants or working on projects around home; then that might be an indication if this isn’t correct location where one would want their system installed – because there simply isn’t enough sun available during peak hours in which we typically use hot water most often!


Consider the warranty when choosing a solar pool heater. Some manufacturers offer up to 20 years of warranties, so it’s essential to find one that provides a good warranty in case something goes wrong.


Q. How long does a solar pool heating system last?

When you invest in a solar pool heating system, your investment will last for many years. The perfect warranty ensures that nothing goes wrong, and if it does (and this happens), there’s an easy way to get repairs made without having done any work yourself! Think about where the sun shines most–sunny climates like California offer more opportunities when choosing between different models because they need heaters with greater power output than other places; however, Texas could also benefit from increased sunlight due to its higher average annual temperature.

Q. How do I keep my solar pool heater from freezing?

If you live in an area that experiences cold winters, it is important to protect your solar pool heater from freezing. One way of doing this – before the first frost- season arrives and covers up all plant life with snowfall or ice rink coverage–is disconnecting electricity connected directly onto our house’s electrical system (and feeding only through winter hours). Another option would be investing into one; rather than buying new equipment at great expense after each freeze event: buy something like The Solar Pool Heater Cover which helps shelters entire unit during frozen months so there aren’t any lasting damages done even if they happen again next year!

Q. Do solar pool heaters work in winter?

Solar pool heaters will work in winter but may not be as effective as in summer. Solar pool heaters rely on the sun to heat your pool water, and the sun isn’t as intense in winter. However, solar pool heaters can still help to keep your pool warm in winter. It’s worth considering if you live in a climate with cold winters.


Based on customer reviews and ratings, we hope our list of the best solar pool heaters will help you find the perfect solar pool heater for your needs. Happy Shopping!

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