How do Heat Powered Wood Stove Fans Work?

The winter is here and the chilly winds remind you of the days sitting beside the wood burners and log burners along with the entire kin. However, is the wood burner enough to keep the entire house and all the people warm in the chilly season? Not likely. A single wood burner cannot cater to the warm needs of the people and that is when the most innovative device called stove fan comes into the picture. As the name suggests, Stove Fan is powered by a stove. There is a huge misconception that it is powered by electricity, but it is not.

A heat-powered stove fan is a great option for people looking to keep their house warm and cozy at a pocket-friendly price. It generates maximum heat needed for a full room of people. It is a fan that can be placed on top of the stove or be attached to the flue pipe. If you are not completely aware of it and wonder whether it works for its name or not, you have to read this article for sure. In this article, you will learn about the stove fan, it’s working, and its uses in detail. 

How Does a Wood Stove Fan Work?

If you are convinced that the wood stove fans do work very effectively, it is time that you know about their working. The stove fan sits on top of the wood-burning stove and when the stovetop heats up, it collects and converts it into heat and passes it through the aluminum base of the fan. It then travels to the underside of the Peltier device. The Peltier device then produces electricity with one side’s hotter temperature and the other side’s cooler temperature. The difference in hot and cool voltages together creates a circuit. This further powers the motor that activates the fan. Most of the basic models of stove fans operate at temperatures below 50°C.

Without a stove fan, you are not going to enjoy the full heat as the heat gets easily escaped from the stove. But by using a stove fan you are at full benefit of the heat generated from it. The stove fan absorbs all the heat from and around the stove and pushes it around the room. It will keep your place even warmer and also save on fuel bills. On the other hand, the stove fan when used creates and spreads warm air in the room evenly. Unlike the cooling fan that blasts the air, the heat-powered fan generates airflow very gently. 

A stove fan doesn’t require electricity to generate heat in the given space. All it takes is the heat from the stove. So there is no need to worry about the sites, batteries, switches, etc. Nevertheless, it takes some time for the stove to produce heat and warm up the space. Down here you can find more detailed information about the stove fan. 

Is Stove Fan Battery Operated?

The stove fan uses heat from the stove to run. The motor is driven by the potential difference created between the top of the fan and the base of the unit. The cooling fan keeps the top of the fan cool while operating. The thermoelectric motor generates electricity that moves the blades of the fan. So, the stove fan is not at all battery-operated.

Does the Stove Fan Work on all Stoves?

The stove fan doesn’t work on all kinds of stoves to start with. The stoves that can achieve a specified minimum temperature are only compatible with the stove fan. Some stoves don’t produce high temperatures which may require the use of specially designed fans that run on low temperatures. However, most stoves are at a benefit from a fan. 

Where Should the Fan be Placed?

The fan usually sits on the top of a stove, but it usually needs space behind it to operate without hassle. While operating the fan draws cooler air from behind to power itself up. If the rear of the fan is closed by a wall or something else, you might not be able to enjoy the full benefits of the fan. Leave at least 15 cm of space behind the fan so that the fan can work as efficiently as it can by pushing warm air into the space.

Can a Stove Fan Get Heated Up?

The answer is yes! If the fan can get heated up which in turn can damage the motor. If you use the stove fan regularly and for a longer duration, you better get a stove thermometer and keep a check on the temperature. If the temperature of the fan gets too hot you can turn it off for a while or move it to a cooler part of the stove. You have to check the maximum temperature of your stove fan and work accordingly. Check the specifications of your stove fan model to know the maximum temperature it can endure.

This is about the Stove fan, its working, and its uses. If you think it is worth investing in it to keep yourself and your family warm during the chilly winter, please go for it. It is definitely worth your money and doesn’t even consume electricity or make you pay long bills. You can enjoy warm air from every corner of the room without any compromise.

Do Stove Fans Actually Work?

Many consider stove fans as a super cool tool to keep the room warm. Though the price is a bit on the higher side, their work will be well-appreciated by you later. There are budget stove fans for the people who want to invest in a simple, yet efficient stove fan and also high-end fans for those who don’t bother themselves about the budget. However, when you invest in a quality product, what you get is a quality service. So, yup the stove fans do work pretty well and the budget and the quality matter a lot to get the best output.

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